January, 2004

January, 2004   ||  Volume 8 No.1

     Volume 8                            Number 1                  January 2004
Paper Title Page No.
Paper 1 Environmental Magnetism and it's application towards Palaeomonsoon reconstruction

N.Basavaiah and A.S.Khadkikar

Paper 2 Late Quaternary geomorphology, palynology and magnetic susceptibility of playas in western margin of the Indian Thar Desert

B.Deotare, M.Kajale, S.N.Rajaguru and N. Basavaiah

Paper 3 Late Quarternary climate changes reconstructed from mineral magnetic studies from proglacial lake deposits of Higher Central Himalaya

N.Basavaiah, N.Juyal, R.K.Pant, M.G.Yadava, A.K.Singhvi and E.Appel

Paper 4 Characterization of flood plain and climate change using multi-proxy records from the Mahi River Basin, Mainland Gujarat

D.A.Sant, K.Krishnan, G.Rangarajan, N.Basavaiah

Paper 5 Palaeoenvironments around the Harappan Port of Lothal, Gujarat, western India

A.S.Khadkikar, N.Basavaiah, T.K.Gundurao and C.Rajshekhar

Paper 6 Floristic composition, palynology and sedimentary facies of Hadi mangrove swamp (Maharashtra)

K.P.N.Kumaran, M.R.Shindikar and T.R.Mudgal

Paper 7 Use of magnetic susceptibility for identification of mangrove deposits in vibracores from deltaic environments

J.Seetharamaiah, N.Basavaiah, S.Chakraborty, K.Nageswara Rao and A.S.Khadkikar

Paper 8 Micropaleontology and mineral magnetic evidences of the Holocene mudflats of Navlakhi, Gulf of Kachchh

C.Rajshekhar, Praveen B.Gawali, T.R.Mudgal, P.P.Reddy and N.Basavaiah